New staff for Jinritoutiao

Zheng Wei in July 2015 from the CCTV economic channel to join the love of Fantastic Art, was to coincide with the main content of Love Fantastic Art Director Ma left the business, the move was also considered to be outside the Fantastic Art talent to add the move.

Zheng Wei graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1994, received a master’s degree in journalism, and then entered the Ministry of Economic Affairs of China Central Television. In the CCTV during the creation of the “Dialogue” and “happy dictionary” and other brand columns, after the launch of “Family Story” and other large TV programs, before leaving CCTV, served as deputy director of CCTV economic channel.

After joining Fantastic Art, Zheng Wei served as chief information officer, responsible for the production of large-scale variety programs. At the beginning of 2017, Zheng Wei publicly attended the event also talked about the network integrated market view, she said very optimistic about the market.

But now, Zheng Wei and love the fate of Fantastic Art has come to an end. Love Fantastic Art to Sina Technology confirmed that: Zheng Wei has left, do not want to express more views.

Headlines today, this is the second after Uber Liu Zhen, another important executive within six months to join, but Liu Zhen and the same official also unwilling to announce the specific appointment situation.

Who pays for mobile medical services?

“To this end, our internal business model for the second sorting and positioning, that is, business model from the closed loop to build a line to open up the platform to attract health management and medical institutions involved in the formation of a competitive mechanism, while filtering out medical Link a lot of unreasonable expenses, while encouraging the flow of services to users of higher quality medical institutions, to expand the mobile medical industry service radius. “He said.

In his view, the secondary positioning is derived from the development of business differentiation needs. The first stage is “health management + mobile health care”, and then the network of inquiry-based mobile medical business model to form a different path of development; the second stage is to create O2O Medical services closed loop, to the pharmaceutical combination of transformation, that is, through the acquisition of B2B drug distribution license (Hefei fast easy McNair) and B2C drug distribution (Jiangxi Na Baxter) license to build on-line capacity for drug delivery, but also a number of cities, , The formation of online medical treatment + drug delivery + delivery door closed loop, different from other mobile medical institutions to import traffic patterns.

“With 100 million registered users, we found that the original closed-loop service model may not be able to solve each user’s online medical needs, so into the third stage, connecting hospitals, users, insurance payers, service providers and more Stakeholders, the formation of an open Internet health services ecosystem, “he said.

Employees have been threatened because of anti-fake activities

In the process of development of electricity providers, the crackdown has been a consumer and platform, businesses are a headache. 2016 with the rapid accumulation of the amount of users, social power platform to fight a lot of business also encountered fake troubles, in order to protect the interests of users, fight a lot of “fake a penalty ten” after-sales program. In an interview with the People’s Network interview, the fight a lot of chairman Huang Zheng for the first time opened the platform and the fake industry chain of wicked insider, he revealed that his staff or even life-threatening because of the platform fights.

“Many of China’s production, in particular, there are some online fake, there is a complete industrial chain – from production to sales, even larger than expected.” Huang Zheng said that once the fake above the platform Appears, if the crackdown on fake goods, will be from the system of false sales of dummy bounce. But if you do not attack, there is no way to curb the arrogance of this arrogance.

Huang Zheng said that all of these selling fake, selling fake products are people who have financial support, so when the platform will be a greater force counterattack counterfeiting. He said that in order to fight a lot of things have been encountered, such as a product brand is false inspection fake, in accordance with the rules of the platform vendors to leave a compensable 10, Peifu consumers, then sellers will show a variety of All kinds of ugly. For example, with a child to the company to cry miserable; find media thieves shouting catch thieves; even worse because the amount involved large, will use violence, in the late night track a lot of employees to fight, or even went to his home to brush red paint, These things have happened.

Innovation workshops has made billions financing in the past year

Artificial intelligence will generate value in every field. It can be said that 50% of the ordinary work will be replaced by artificial intelligence, in some areas and even 90% of the work will be replaced. Such as face recognition, a guard can not identify 500,000 face, but the machine can. So when face recognition replaces security, voice recognition replaces customer service or sales, and with massive data learning, in a narrow area, the machine has put us far away.

And these machines will not be tired, will not strike, there is no mood will not make mistakes, so a large number of machines produce value, and replace people to do simple things will continue to happen.

For example, we look at unmanned. First, it can be predicted that the process of unmanned alternative is inevitable; Second, the process is not in sight, and now has not happened half-drone, such as in the area, airports, golf courses, and then, unmanned can Let us do not have to buy a car, thanks to leasing, sharing the economy can also be combined with the unmanned; third, but a combination of the two, the car will appear at any time in front of us, a person on the car, two people out on the By medium-sized vehicles, so that the rational allocation of resources.

Once unmanned and the combination of things, you can “talk” to each other, a car to tell another car, “I have a tire”; or when you hurry to work, a car to another car Said, “My host hurry to work, you let me go, I give you money.” All the cars will run up, parking is not needed, all the value will be activated, the air better, time will be save.
Like drops very eager to get rid of the driver, and now every drop of income must be divided into the driver, when the driver was removed after the drop from a losing money company into a profitable company – this is the company to promote Unmanned economic power. Now the world’s car companies are in production. When this happens, five years, ten years later, new technologies will Forced to change in all areas.

Changes in executives

Where CEO Chen Zhenyu recently issued internal mail, announced the company a new round of personnel appointments. Mail display, Zhang Qiang was promoted to where the president; Hu Jie promoted to where COO; Li Jifeng was promoted to large lodging division CEO.

Zhang Qiang in January 2014 to join where to serve as general manager of the destination services, under the leadership of Zhang Qiang, where to establish direct sales Tiejun, covering millions of tourist destination ground service businesses. Zhang Qiang in January 2016 was promoted to where the Group Chief Operating Officer COO, concurrently to where the network lodging division CEO. In 2016 the big lodging business department one-day order break one million, realize profit.

Hu Jie has worked in Ctrip and where to go. In 2008 to join Ctrip, Ctrip is responsible for user experience after the study. Where to join in 2012, has been responsible for the hotel’s overall user security and user operations; in 2013 formed the cause of single-handedly formed division, from scratch to gradually occupy the market.

Li Jifeng joined the network since where, has served as senior director of wireless technology, locals SI Head, in 2014 joined the newly established destination business unit, deputy general manager, responsible for the hotel buy, low-star hotel business. Li Jifeng in November 2016 was promoted to senior VP of the group, responsible for the lodging business technology products.

New project for Xiaomi in 2017

Millet 12 annual meeting. At the meeting, the founder Lei Jun 2017 millet set the “small target”, 2017, millet overall revenue break billion. He also revealed that in 2017 millet to focus on five core strategies, namely: black technology, new retail, international, artificial intelligence and Internet finance five parts.

Lei Jun first reviewed the millet record in 2016, including heavy new millet 5, millet 5s, millet Note 2 and millet MIX, while the cumulative total global patent applications has exceeded 16,000, the total authorized reached 3612 projects, Of which 1767 are foreign-related patents.

2016 millet is still the king of mobile phone operators, offline retail brand flagship store, has been opened 54. 2017, millet plans to open 200 stores in the next three years, plans to open 1,000 millet home.

For 2017, Lei Jun proposed to focus on five core strategies, namely: black technology, new retail, international, artificial intelligence and Internet finance five parts.

Aokang will not strive to develop e-commerce

Over the past two years, the entire Xiefu industry is facing overcapacity and increased competition and many other issues, and Wenzhou, Zhejiang gathered a good news birds, red dragonflies, Aokang and other public Xiefu well-known enterprises in this wave of “cold wave”, these enterprises deep Have experience.

On the afternoon of January 10, in the headquarters of Aokang International Wenzhou Yongjia County, “Daily Economic News” reporter saw its chairman Wang Zhentao. He said that the field of recreational sports from the beginning of 2016 has been “up” in 2017, the development will be faster. But including leather shoes, including some categories, to get out of the trough there is a certain degree of difficulty.

At present, including Belle, Daphne and other public giants are all active in the layout of the electricity business market, but Wang Zhentao said, \ “Are due to their own point of view is not the same.

VR application will upgrade the business system

Hot VR technology to the audio-visual market has brought an unprecedented new direction, the industry generally optimistic about the future of VR, and it gives the next generation of computing and human-computer interaction platform entry location, intelligent terminal industry to become the next development hotspot. When the development of VR into the industrialization stage, it also began to attract the attention of all parties.

At the recent CES2017 conference, VR has become one of the protagonists of the show, Intel, Qualcomm will VR technology solutions as a major focus of this exhibition, along with hundreds of VR equipment companies and content providers to participate in the exhibition. We can predict the VR will be in 2017, some of the changes that occur, and these changes in turn make VR become more popular popularity.

VR network CEO Zhang Yi-day said that through the VR equipment, we can see a travel, work and entertainment full of opportunities in the new world: “VR is not just a game.” VR technology users will be brought to the scene, greatly enriched people enjoy sports and entertainment By combining advanced unmanned aerial vehicles, cameras and computer technology, VR can save lives in search and rescue or natural disaster relief, but also has the potential to let the staff in a safe distance outside the dangerous check operation, so that tens of thousands of People work more secure, this is the performance of VR +. “

The most mysterious data company

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But in the Unicorn Valuation list, Palantir ranked fourth, only in the Uber, millet and Airbnb, with more than 20 billion US dollars valuation is located in the drop before the fast.

The company has been reluctant to go public since its inception in 2004, because it is more mysterious with the business of the Pentagon and other government departments. And it can be invited to the former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former CIA director George? Tenet (George J.Tenet) and other politicians as consultants.

Venture capital rushed to it, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) latest document, the company has completed 20 million US dollars of financing, but did not disclose the valuation.

Palantir’s last financing was in December 2015, when it raised $ 880 million, valued at $ 20 billion. In addition to previous investors in addition to Peter Till in the early bet on Facebook legend, there are Tiger Fund. It is worth mentioning that Wang Sicong also invest in this company.

In fact, the founder of Palantir Silicon Valley is currently a popular investor Peter Till (Peter Thiel). He almost all celebrities in Silicon Valley to support Hillary Clinton when the public support for Trump, Trump was elected, he also joined the president of the transition team, and help Trump recruiting.

Google will push AI applications against the network mob

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Humans have destroyed the Internet. Cyberbullying, harassing comments, social humiliation and disgusting remarks are spreading like plagues on sites such as Twitter and Reddit, especially when you happen to get the wrong attention.

Companies that provide online services are in the middle of allegations of disregard for harassing speech and suppression of free speech. But now Google believes that artificial intelligence can be used to reduce the tragedy of this digital comment. The company’s technology incubator, Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas, a Google think-tank), intends to identify and remove digital harassment information through an automated program called Conversation AI.

As Jigsaw director Jared Cohen puts it, “I want to take advantage of the best technology we have to deal with those frontal and unorthodox tactics, which make the enemy voices dominate Google, , And the work is different from that of Jigsaw, whose work includes the launch of Project Shield, a free, open DDoS interception service designed to protect news sites and promote free speech sites from denial of service attacks. Jigsaw’s other product, Password Alert, is a Chrome plug-in designed to keep users’ passwords safe from phishing attacks.

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